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You’ve had sleepness nights, trying to figure out how to take your awesome business idea to the next level.

Don’t worry, we know the feeling! Fortunately we were savvy enough to realise that startups and existing business owners need our help. And boy, can we help you.

We’re a couple of entrepreneurs with many years of experience in different arenas and we want to make a difference to your startup journey!

What we’re good at

Business Development

Don’t be put off by terms like “Business Development”. It’s just a fancy way to say “Let us help you turn your business idea into reality!”


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Effective marketing with the right call to action will mean more customers for your business and therefore more cash flow. Yay!


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 From the Founder


“Entrepreneurs are a different breed and the space we move in is dominated by sheer persistence, innovation, ambition and utter passion.”


“Every entrepreneur I’ve met has been dynamic, energetic and just so passionate about what they do, you can’t help but be affected by all this drive and ambition.”

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