Our Awesome Partners

From Accounting to your Digital Presence & everything in between, we’ve got you covered!

One Day Company

This startup sure knows how to build stories and communities around brands.  They take the mystery out of all things digital.

They completely understand the social media space, and they will help you own it. These creative entrepreneurs know all about content marketing, brand strategy, community management and communication design.

Karmak Creativ

What a great bunch! They’re innovative, at the cutting edge of web design and they sure know what they’re talking about.

Plus, they built our website, need we say more?


Rentia Verster Accounting Services

Need the assistance of a Chartered Accountant? These professionals have helped us out many a time. And we know they will add great value to your business too. Expert help is at hand!


We know that most entrepreneurs aren’t born salespeople. And that’s okay, not everyone can be good at everything. This is why we’ve brought SnappSales on board. They are expert lead generators and natural born salesman. Basically they can sell sand to the sandman.

VA Connect

We absolutely love what they do! Imagine having your very own Personal Assistant, but not have to worry about salaries or any of those HR hassles?

These are Virtual Assistants who simplify your life one admin task at a time, and the awesome thing is you only pay for tasks done. Whoohoo!